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ROKIT - A "concentrate" of Romania (RO/EN text)


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RO-KIT - Romanian identity in 50 components, bilingual book (Romanian/English), 120 pages. Authors: Alexe Popescu, Doru Someșan

RO‑KIT is the result of a meeting between two people who found bottling the "quintessence" of Romania equally challenging, from a personal perspective.

The 50 identity elements constitute one of the self-imposed limitations. Too few to cover the whole of Romanian identity, but enough to provide a representative image of Romania.

The graphic challenge was to find an expressive yet geometric solution for each symbol using a single line thickness.

The literary challenge was to approach the subjects in a concise manner. The 50 components of the "kit" can be building blocks for Romanians or foreigners in assembling their own image of Romania.

In 2015, RO‑KIT received the special mention at the national book design competition The most beautiful books in Romania.




150 mm x 120 mm x 10 mm


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