About us

About Dizainăr, the Romanian design platform

Dizainăr.com is the Romanian design platform that brings together under the same umbrella all the best in terms of product design. Dizainăr offers a wide range of design products and services, thus becoming a hub, a connection between the creator, the manufacturer and the end user.

The Dizainăr concept store opened its doors in December 2012. From 2012 until now, Dizainăr has consistently promoted Romanian design, both in the country and abroad. Awarded at the ELLE Decoration Romanian Design Award 2014 "The most active supporter of Romanian interior design", present at IMM Cologne 2017 and in London at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016, with 3 participations at the International Furniture Fair in Milan (2016, 2015 and 2013) and through dozens of education and promotion actions in Romania, Dizainăr created a design market and brought Romanian designers and Romanian design closer to design buyers and to the attention of the international public. In 2014, during the BIFE-SIM fair, Dizainăr launched the Colecția.Dizainăr for EFdeN, thus marking a first successful collaboration between product designers and Romanian manufacturers.

The Dizainăr store portfolio includes over 600 unique creations by Romanian designers, from furniture, lighting fixtures, kitchen items, watches, graphics, to personal accessories, ceramics, decorations, toys and jewelry, all produced in small and only good series to give as a gift or for decorating the home.

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☛ Showroom Bucharest, Puțul cu Plopi street (Cișmigiu / Știrbei park area).

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DESIGN MANIFESTO (released in 2012)

Imagine a place where originality and the unconventional are at home.

You enter a Romanian design laboratory where the buyer, the creator and the producer of design objects join hands to make them. Basically, we use design as an original method of solving personal and social problems. We address individual needs through innovative solutions. We bring together the necessary factors to create objects, in our style.

"So if you have a totally different back than everyone else's, why not feel good in YOUR chair, made for YOUR needs? Or maybe you realized that street lighting can be made more efficient. Let's do it!" Innovation becomes reality in Dizainăr without compromises and without limits.

We are Dizainăr (Romanian spelling for "designer"). What we offer is not only urban culture in its most selective way, it is not only Romanian originality and innovation, but a real way of living - our way - the life of a designer.

We are the concept store, dedicated exclusively to product creation in Romania. Dedicated to Romanian culture and identity, we created Dizainăr as a meeting place, creativity, promotion and generation of educated culture in the field, for a better lifestyle and appreciation of the values we believe in.

With us, the creativity of design, architecture and art specialists meets local production through international level execution and quality.

Dizainăr Rules

• If you're in Dizainăr, you tell everyone who you are and what you do (your business card represents your adherence to the manifesto - you show it everywhere)
• If a work of yours is exhibited at Dizainăr, your friends come to see it
• If someone says that Dizainăr is "COOL" or "IN TREND" you correct him - you know very well that we are neither cool nor in trend - we are what we are and it's beautiful that way (we live our lives in OUR way)
• The Dizainăr store is open as long as it needs to be
If this is your first day at Dizainăr... you need to create or buy something

Dizainăr Benefits

• You get seen
• You sell
• You get to (re)produce objects
• You create within a family
• You explore

Dizainăr Buyer Benefits

• Only small series
• What you buy is genuine
• What's yours is epic (productive, simple, special)
• What's yours is locally made, by a designer, and fairly priced