Legal notice

1. Our legal identity

The Dizainăr store carries out its entire commercial activity under the legal identity. Mihnea Ghildus Design S.R.L, company registered in Bucharest, CUI 31016945, No. RC J40/14811/2012, and the correspondence related to this activity is carried out by S.C. Mihnea Ghildus Design S.R.L.

2. Your identity: physical or legal

You can order any product from the website, regardless of whether you are a physical or legal person. Thus, you acquire the status of consumer, and we acquire the status of trader.

Between the merchant and the consumer (that is, between you and us) there is a relationship that entails the fact that we provide you with correct information. The terms involved in this relationship are explained below. We encourage you to read the explanations carefully.

Thus, based on Law 363/2007, the terms below have the following meanings:

1. consumer - any individual or group of individuals constituted in associations, who, in the commercial practices that are the subject of this law, act for purposes outside of their commercial, industrial or production, craft or liberal activity;
2. merchant - any individual or legal person who, in the commercial practices that are the subject of this law, acts in the framework of his commercial, industrial or production, craft or liberal activity, as well as any person who acts for the same purpose, in his name or on his behalf ;
3. product - any goods or services, including immovable property, rights and obligations;
4. practices of traders in relation to consumers, hereinafter referred to as commercial practices - any action, omission, conduct, undertaking or commercial presentation, including advertising and marketing, carried out by a trader in close connection with the promotion, sale or supply of a product to consumers;
5. invitation to buy - the commercial presentation that mentions the characteristics and the price of the product in a way appropriate to the means used for it and which, therefore, allows the consumer to purchase products;
6. transaction decision - any decision taken by a consumer regarding the opportunity, the methods and conditions of purchasing the product, the method of payment - in full or in part -, keeping or renouncing the product or exercising a contractual right, this may lead either to the consumer's action or to refraining from acting;
7. average consumer - the consumer considered to be reasonably informed, attentive and cautious, taking into account social, cultural and linguistic factors.

3. The framework of our contractual relations

SC Mihnea Ghildus Design S.R.L undertakes to inform the consumer correctly and completely about the following elements:

1. The merchant's identity and, in the case of contracts that provide for an advance payment, his address and the account number to which the payment must be made;
2. The essential characteristics of the product or service;
3. The retail price of the product or service;
4. Delivery charges, if applicable;
5. Methods of payment, delivery or provision;
6. The right to unilaterally terminate the contract;
7. The validity period of the offer or price.

All this information appears on the website on the order pages and on the FAQ page.

The conditions and methods of exercising the right of unilateral termination

The consumer has the right to notify the trader that he is canceling the purchase without incurring any penalties, even if the consumer does not cite a reason for wanting to cancel the product. The cancellation notice can be sent within a maximum of 14 working days after receiving the product. The notification is made exclusively in writing, via e-mail.

The costs that fall exclusively to the consumer are the direct costs of returning the products, according to O.G. 130/2000: for individuals who purchase products using remote communication techniques, the definitions contained in O.G. 130/2000 art. 2 lit. e.