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Alexe Popescu

P-2 wallet - 10th Anniversary Edition


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A very light and compact wallet made of laminated paper, with compartments for your ID, credit cards, and standard European banknotes. It is handmade using an origami technique, without gluing or sewing. The wallet remains functional after washing it in the washing machine at 30°C. The wallet, carried daily in the pocket, lasted up to two and a half years in working condition. Find more design details in the "Technical Information" section.

The anniversary edition of the wallet (10 years after its launch and over 10,000 copies sold in retail and B2B) contains 4 models , of which 3 are printed (in metallic and neon colors, with reference to the aesthetics of the tech and fashion areas): Violet Green (Metallic Purple+Neon Green), Blue Pink (Metallic Blue + Neon Pink) and Green Yellow (Metallic Green + Neon Yellow). The metallic look is in contrast with the fragility of paper, but also supports the fact that this material is much more resistant over time than one would think. Neon colors compete "analogously" with the intense colors of screens.

The fourth model is Pure White. It is unprinted, in the spirit of many mock ups made and tested in the design process, for the study of form and functions. With a minimalist design, it offers the same functionality, without decorative elements. The focus is only on the graphic details provided by folding and stamping. Although it looks non-custom, the P-2 logo will be embossed on both sides after a period of wear due to the slow pressing of a stamped inner layer. It is also a "white canvas" ready to receive stickers or permanent marker drawings from its owner. Corner wear areas will be less visible than on printed designs, with the surface and edge of the paper being the same color, white.

Design: Alexe Popescu


laminated paper


13 cm x 8.5 cm x 1.2 cm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

P-2 WALLET – design description:

- A unisex wallet, very light and compact (130 x 85 x 12 mm) made of paper (170g/m2), offset printed.
- Double-sided lamination keeps the Pantone colors intact over time.
- Origami manual assembly, no gluing or sewing.
- A central folding main compartment for standard European banknotes or other documents. It also features two vertical card slots.
- Two middle compartments for ID card and cards, with two mini windows (sliders) for quick access.
- The central fold allows loading the wallet without straining it.
- After washing in the washing machine the wallet remains functional.
- After a month of carrying in the pocket, the P-2 logo appears in relief on both sides.
- The lamination, initially matte, becomes glossy after a long use.
- The wallet, carried daily in the pocket, lasts up to two and a half years in working condition.