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Melting Vase Terracotta


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The essence of the Melting vase is the clever use of the malleable properties of wet clay during the 3D printing process. With each gently deposited layer, the clay embraces its soft nature, gradually forming a captivating form that appears to be in a state of elegant dissolution.

The hard sandstone body embodies the illusion of a soft, melting object, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between solidity and fluidity. The natural clay material exudes a warm and earthy aesthetic, further enhancing its organic appeal.

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100% natural clay


100 mm x 100 mm x 170 mm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

Waterproof ceramic vase with matte appearance, glazed inside.

Packaging: 100% recyclable unbleached cardboard

Care instructions:
Gravity is the main enemy of ceramics, so please use with care.
Clean with a damp cloth, applying light pressure to remove dirt and dust. If a cleaning liquid is used, then we recommend dish soap.

Dimensions may vary slightly as the product is created without a mold.