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Perseus Copper Lamp


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The Perseus Lamp descends from the northern sky and battles the darkness once again, this time wielding a warm light that reflects off its silver, gold, copper, or rust-hued metallic armor. The lampshade protects the round glass bulb like a helmet carved with various stylistic imprints highly valued in decorative arts and jewelry crafts.

The lamp is a traditional handwork made on the lathe, a surprising assembly of raw metal parts and elegant lampshade. Its mysterious light recommends Perseus as the perfect decorative artifact.

The colors and textures of the metal components are achieved through artisanal processes - may involve sanding, metal plating (copper, brass, silver, chrome, etc.), aging patina, etchings, varnishes or stabilizers.

L32x15xH30 cm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

Oak wood top
Unique handcrafted brass lampshade
Metal socket

Only works with round bulbs
We recommend LED light, E27 compatible.