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Centaurus Copper Lamp


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The centaur, the symbol of duality - half man, half horse - descends from the southern sky to be reborn from a mixture of strong materials, vires and warm light. Crafted by hand to dazzle as a silent dance of light and metallic reflections, the Centaurus lamp charms with its simple geometry – a firm metal axis covered with a spiral steel collar perfectly balances the installation's two bright lights: Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri .

The colors and textures of the metal components are achieved through artisanal processes - may involve sanding, metal plating (copper, brass, silver, chrome, etc.), aging patina, etchings, varnishes or stabilizers.

L42x13xH45 cm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

Top made of oak
Metal socket
We recommend max. 60Watt/socket
E14 compatible