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Interior Design Guide


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Frida Ramstedt believes that it is more important to focus on how you decorate than on the decorative objects you will use.

Nowadays there is a lot of information about trends, furniture or decorative objects, so Frida explains some of the basic principles of interior design and style – in other words, she teaches us what looks good and especially why it looks good.

Interior Design Guide teaches us some basic rules – for example, it explains proportions and the golden spiral, tells us the correct dimensions of a coffee table in relation to the sofa next to it, shows us the optimal height at which they can be hung lamps etc. – exemplified by helpful illustrations.

Use this guide to achieve a balanced and beautiful interior, no matter where you live or what style you prefer.

In the Interior Design Guide, Frida Ramstedt opens a box of useful tools if you want to transform your house into a home customized to your taste. The book explains basic rules and makes size recommendations.

How do interior designers and decorators actually think?
What are the tricks that can come in handy when making a landscaping plan?

The book contains recipes that anyone can apply and benefit from, regardless of personal style or taste. In short, it's a cookbook for interior enthusiasts!

About the Author:

Frida Ramstedt is the name behind, one of the most important and most read design and interior design blogs in the Nordic space.

It has received numerous awards, including the Elle Decoration Award for the best interior design blog and the Aftonbladet publication's grand blog award.

She constantly holds conferences and advises on interior design projects for both individual clients and construction companies.




200 mm x 120 mm x 20 mm


13 - 15 days

Technical Info

Original title: Handbok i inderning och styling
Edition I 2020, paperback
Language: Romanian
Translator: Iulia Dromereschi (from Swedish)
Dimensions: 19 x 24.5 cm
240 pages
ISBN: 978-606-722-406-1