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"Tactile" Carpet


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Made in Romania, designed for the world, we like to say that because we are interested in the perpetuation of tradition and the use of local resources, so that, in the end, we have a 100% Romanian design product ready to reach the world at any time.

The first ''Semne'' collection has as its main motif the imprint and refers to the idea of inheritances received and passed on, like a red thread of identity messages, in multiple and diverse forms, but common in essence.

In conveying the message, the contrast becomes a natural form of completion and integration into a unified and balanced whole. At the same time, the imprint motif best reflects the ideas that matter to us: tradition, design, sustainability.

The carpets are woven by hand, in traditional looms and are made of natural materials, wool, and cotton .




1500 mm x 1000 mm x 10 mm


2 - 4 days