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Colorhood - Bunny Family by Veronica Neacșu


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Illustration printed in Giclée quality in the Colorhood workshop. Frame included.

In the works of Veronica Neacșu, capricious characters are taught to reveal visual stories of love and friendship, of summer and winter. The "Storytelling Machine" is boosted by delicate details and the miniaturist style approached by Veronica. She rediscovers techniques and subjects, and the characters she creates are either playful and funny, or reconcile themselves to the versatile expressiveness of monochrome.




400 mm x 300 mm x 10 mm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

About the printing technique

Giclée art prints are high-fidelity reproductions of original artwork, produced on a professional inkjet printer.

The 270g fine textured paper we use offers exceptional archival stability, guaranteeing durability exceeding 100 years for prints framed behind glass and protected from UV rays. The watercolor texture of the surface gives a certain character to the print, revealing impressive details of the artwork.