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Ceramic Sparrow

Coloratum - Ceramic Dishware Set


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This set contains 6 ceramic pieces (two cups, two bowls, a plate and an egg holder) with a simple design in which the color pairing inside and outside, separated by a fine line marking the edges, is the defining element. Mass pigmentation of the semi-porcelain ensures color uniformity. This vivid yet harmonious chromatic will cheer you up and bring a serene morning atmosphere to the table.

An egg holder was also added to the set. The novelty and hallmark of the design is that the egg sits in a holder like a lid that can be removed and the egg shells can be placed inside, after which the egg can be put back and served. The pieces of the set are small in size and are suitable for breakfast or an afternoon snack.




300 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm


29 - 31 days

Technical Info

Materials: porcelain, ceramic pigment, non-toxic glaze. Baked at 1250 gr C. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: large bowl: ø 11.5 cm, h 6.5 cm small bowl: ø 11.5 cm, h 4.3 cm large cup: 180 ml small cup: 130 ml saucer: ø 17 cm.
Set box dimensions: 30x20x10 cm


White, pink, blue