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Cocamiris - Natural Soap


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Delicate coconut, cocoa, almond, shea and castor soap.

Cocamiris is fresh as dew and gently cleanses the skin. Its rich and creamy lather makes it suitable for both quick showers and luxurious baths. It has a high cocoa butter content that softens the skin and creates a hard soap that will last a long time and won't soften in the bath. Almond and castor oils enrich its lather and have emollient properties. The natural mint fragrance comes from the essential oil added in the optimal amount to achieve a tonic and refreshing effect.

The soap is poured and cut by hand, obtained by the cold saponification method. For this reason, each soap is unique. Weight 100g (+/- 10g)


7 - 9 days

Technical Info

No palm oil. No plastic. 100% natural & vegan.

Weight 100g (+/- 10g)

Ingredients (INCI): sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate (saponified cocoa butter), aqua (water), glycerin (glycerin), sodium almondate (saponified almond oil), sodium ricinoleate (saponified castor oil ), sodium shea butterate (saponified shea butter), mentha piperita leaf oil (mint essential oil)