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Cai Verzi Pe Pereti

Fir Tree with Cones Wall Sticker


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The sticker is made of an adhesive material created especially for washable paint. It can also be applied to other smooth surfaces, such as: furniture, household appliances, glass, metal.




950 mm x 400 mm x 10 mm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

It can be easily removed from the wall without leaving any marks as long as the plaster is of good quality - this can be easily tested with a piece of paper tape or the small sticker offered. The testing sample can be found next to the wall sticker, in the box.

Application steps:

1. Position the sticker on the wall, fix it with paper tape (in the middle) and apply it using a squeegee;
2. Peel off the sticker transfer foil half way and remove the paper layer;
3. Starting applying from the middle using a squeegee, so there will be no air bubbles;
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the second half of the sticker;
5. Slowly peel off the transfer foil, making sure the sticker has adhered to the desired surface.