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Bar-o-coco Natural Soap


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Creamy soap made from virgin coconut oil. Fragrance free.

Ideal for sensitive or dry skin, it softens and hydrates the skin. It can be used as a body, hand or face soap. It makes an abundant and creamy foam that rinses easily and leaves the skin perfectly clean. The oval shape makes it easy to apply.

The soap is poured by hand and obtained by the cold saponification method. For this reason each soap is unique. Weight 85g (+/- 10g)


7 - 9 days

Technical Info

Store in a dry place. To maximize the qualities and duration of use of the soap, keep it in a soap dish that allows the water to drain completely.

Ingredients (INCI): sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), aqua (water), glycerin (glycerin), sodium cocoa butterate (saponified cocoa butter), sodium ricinoleate (saponified castor oil), sodium shea butterate (shea butter saponified)