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1989 - Carafe


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Carafe 1989 is made of hand-blown glass in the oldest glass factory in Romania, whose fascinating history begins in 1801. The name of this object is strongly anchored in a historical context: in 1989, Romania transformed from communist society in a capitalist society. This was also reflected in the design of native object. Before 1989, in Romania, any "design" object, whether it was a piece of furniture or a household object, was considered iconic due to the lack of alternatives. Today, the definition of an iconic object refers to the ubiquity of that product. By changing the function, the milk bottle became a water carafe, accompanied by a glass.

The original bottle has been improved from an ergonomic perspective by creating an elongated neck that makes the bottle easier to hold without changing too much of the "iconic" shape. Because drinking water from a carafe is a gesture more about pleasure and the desire to have some control over the amount of water drunk than the need to drink, both the 1989 carafe and the glasses in the set have horizontal lines hand-engraved, which help to visualize the amount of water in the containers.




100 mm x 100 mm x 270 mm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

Material: Hand blown glass