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The Mindful One BFF Pack - Black & Beige


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Convenient. You have everything you need: the reusable bottle, the anti-bacterial silicone cover, the hanger. Hang it on your bag or jeans and don't forget to disinfect your hands carefully. No gesture is too small.

Reusable. Use it more, waste less. Fill the bottle with your favorite disinfectant, or try making one yourself—the package also includes a DIY recipe. Although, originally, created The Mindful One was created with disinfectant in mind, you can fill it with almost any liquid you need.

Easy. Silicone and aluminum are light as a feather. The fact that they are recyclable means that the planet is also lightened.

Reduce. Take care of your surroundings. Reduces the need for single-use packaging.

Reuse. Fill the bottle with your favorite disinfectant, or (almost) any other liquid. Or try making a disinfectant recipe yourself, it's included in the box.

Recycle. The aluminum container and silicone cover are 100% recyclable.

The package contains:
- 2 x 50ml reusable aluminum bottle included
- 2 x soft, silicone, antibacterial glove
- 2 x aluminum carabiner hook - easily attaches to jeans or bag




40 mm x 40 mm x 130 mm


3 - 5 days

Technical Info

Materials: aluminum, silicone, plastic