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Lana Chair - Natural Wood


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Respecting traditional values but inspired by the needs of the modern world, three teams (Designer + Lana + Photoliu) worked together to find the balance between old and new, between traditional and contemporary.

The structure of the chair is designed by Dizainăr (Mihnea Ghilduș, Alexandru Ioniță) to match the texture made by Lana and it consists of a triangular seat, 3 legs with a round section and a narrow trapezoidal backrest that rests on the seat and the rear leg. The formal decisions are inspired by the Romanian tradition of furniture construction, while the ergonomics, execution method, finishes and details are adapted to our times.

Some of the contemporary elements are the upholstery (traditional furniture is not upholstered), the edges of the wood, processed at an angle to give the appearance of a thinner table top and the making of wood joints with the precision of numerically controlled tools.

The project was initiated by Photoliu (Irina Pogonaru) who brought together the people and elements necessary to materialize the Lana chair.




550 mm x 480 mm x 1020 mm


29 - 31 days


Natural Wood