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Around the Block - EN


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Around the block is a book for grown-ups, but especially for children. It was designed as a helping tool for adults who want to show their little ones the games they played when they were their age.

That's why each game has its own "card", and the pages are not tied together: so they can be taken out to play any game individually (you can bind the cards with the rubber band offered in the box).

Around The Block won the ''Most Beautiful Book of the Year'' award, Illustrated Book section, at the ''Bun de Tipar'' Gala, in 2015 - an event that rewards the editorial excellence of the Romanian book industry.

Around The Block is the English edition of the book În Fața Blocului, the "game instruction manual" for the latchkey generation. The book contains 55 ageless games, illustrated and explained on individual cards. The current edition contains 2/3 European and 1/3 American games.

This edition is in English. For the Romanian version, search for the product "În fața blocului''. 




170 mm x 170 mm x 50 mm


2 - 4 days

Technical Info

This edition is in English. For the Romanian version, look for the product "În fața blocului".